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2015~~ "this year" until next year :)
May 27-29 2015
"Finding, Creating and Integrating Open Educational Resources in to Courses": The links that go with the presentation (ignore the weird picture that's part of that template :))

May 20, 2014 "Teaching basic math concepts in college" presentation links

(everything else here is old... but not for long, I hope:) my blog is current - drop by and say hello!) I'm *trying* to figure out a launch page to host it on this site but so far all I can do is link to "the year"... and I've used up my allotted time for mucking with this today.

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  • Lessons, ideas, articles and links for multisensory learning for people of all ages.
  • Resources for people who learn differently, or have learning difficulties or learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia.

Teachers, home educators, curriculum developers, tutors, students, parents, Orton-Gillingham trained specialists, and other curious souls welcome!

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