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The Resource Room

Times Tables Videos, Powerpoints and quizzes, in process. 

I'm learning this stuff.   Here are some quizzes I made. The other stuff is here


  Yes, these are all open source.  

    • Quiz for zeroes
    • Future:   0 divided by... dividing by 0
  1. Ones
    • Quiz
    • Future:   Dividing by 1 and
    • Future: Dividing to get an answer of 1
  2. Tens Times Tables
    1. Quiz
    2. Future:   Dividing by ten / Finding 10 percent  
  3. Twos Times Tables 
    1. Quiz
  4. Fives Times Table
    1. Possible Future:   reducing fractions 
    2. Future:   multiplying 5 by an even number
  5. Fours Times Tables:
    1. Quiz
  6. Nines Times Tables (and divisibility)
  7. Threes times tables (and divisibility)
  8. Six times tables (and divisibility)
  9. Sevens and Eights (and you're DONE!!)

Future Future:   Quizzes and games along the way ;)  No really they're there now :) :)  There will be more better ones... I have lots of ideas and only some of them require a mess of new learning on my part (I'll make some that start iwth a few at a time and then explore making them so you pick the ones to practice)...   but you can practice at lots of places online -- my favorite is at  MathIsFun.Com