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Literature-based Skill Building:
Holes by Louis Sachar

Learning Log (optional)

Chapter 29: "Part Two: The Last Hole"

What are two possible reasons that "the last hole" is about to be dug?





Draw it!

What does Stanley see in the dark clouds? Draw it.

What does it make him remember?



Chapter 30

Character Analysis

Character analysis: Zero

(If "Quote analysis" is a more appropriate activity, a good quote to analyze is on page 139, when Mr. Pedanski says, "Here, take it, Zero. It's all you'll ever be good for.")

To understand a character's role in a story, it helps to look at that person from several angles.

When you're asked to describe or analyze a character, think SADDR, which stands for four ways of looking at a character: Speech, Action, Description, Drawing, and Reaction of others. )


What does the character say? What does this tell you about the character?

For instance, Mr. Pedanski says, "Here, take it, Zero. It's all you'll ever be good for." This tells you that even though he has said some nice things to the boys, he really doesn't care about Zero at all.

Choose something that Zero says in this chapter. What does it tell you about what he is like?

What did he say? ______________________________


What does it tell you about him? _____________________________________________



What does the character do? What does this tell you about the character?

For instance, when Zigzag and Stanley fight, Mr. Pedanski shouts, but he doesn't actually do anything to stop the fight. This tells you that he really isn't in control of the boys.

What does Zero do that tells you what kind of person he is?





What does the author say about the character? What does that description tell you about him?

For instance, the author says (in chapter 5) that "Mr. Pedanski was younger than Mr. Sir, and not nearly as scary looking." This tells you that he is not as scary as Mr. Sir and the Warden, and maybe is more friendly to the boys.

The book describes Zero as "the smallest kid in group D, but he was the first one to finish digging." (Page 37, ch. 7.) What does this (or other descriptions in the book) tell you about Zero? ________________


Drawing: Draw Zero in a scene from chapter 30. Include at least three details that help explain what Zero is like and what happens in this chapter.

Reaction of Others:

When Mr. Pedanski says, "That's enough!" Zigzag just ignores him and jumps on Stanley. This tells you that Mr.Pedanski isn't somebody that Zigzag will listen to or is afraid of.

How does the Warden or Mr. Pedanski treat Zero?




At the end of the chapter, do you think Zero has dug his last hole? Why?








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