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Literature-based Skill Building:
Holes by Louis Sachar

Learning Log (optional)

Chapter 39


What are the four kinds of conflict?




What kind of conflict is happening in these chapters?


Chapter 40:


Back when Sam sold onions, they helped when people were sick to their stomachs. Why is this important to Zero? ____________________________________




Chapter 41:

We find out just how Stanley came across the shoes that people thought he stole from Zero in this chapter.

Complete a Quote Analysis for the quote: "But we just took what was needed, never more. So when I saw the shoes on display in the shelter, I just reached in the glass case and took them."

  1. Write the quote and the page it comes from. Put it in quotation marks.
  2. Explain who said those words, and to whom they were talking.
  3. Paraphrase the quote.
    That means put it in different words that mean the same thing. Don't use quotation marks because quotation marks mean you are writing exactly the words that were said.
  4. Explain what this quote tells you about this character or the plot of the story. What kind of person would say these things? Why would they say it? What would they have to know, or be thinking about, to say it?


Quote: “If it makes you feel better to call me Mom, Theodore, go ahead and call me Mom.”

Characters: Mr. Pendanski says this to one of the boys.

Paraphrase: If you want to call me Mom, it's okay with me.

What does it tell you? Mr. Pendanski wants them to feel comfortable with him. He doesn't want to scare them.

Chapter 42:

Character Development:

In literature, characters can change and grow. In chapter 42, Stanley thinks about how he has changed since the day he was arrested. What are three ways that Stanley has changed? (If you're having trouble, think of some things he can do now that he couldn't do before he came to Camp Green Lake.)

Chapter 43-44:


meaning and example

what to draw

question to answer

(you may draw your answer, too)


next to

two adjacent chairs

What are three things that are commonly found adjacent to each other?


not safe or sure ; at risk of falling or danger

A precarious pile of books

What are three places where something could be precariously balanced?

What is a small increment of time? _____________________

What caused the gashes in Zero's hands?


What would a frail person look like?




Draw three scenes from this chapter, including the final scene in Ch. 44


Complete a Quote Analysis from this quote at the end of the chapter: "You boys have been a big help."

Quote: ____________________________________________







What does it tell you?





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