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FIN means END or LIMIT
In J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, the phrase finite incantatem is used to put an end to spell-casting (Snape employs it to stop Harry and Draco Malfoy from a "spelling" match.) Things that are finite have an end; they will finish.


1. Write the word

2. Write what it means

3. Draw a picture to go with it

4. Answer the question about it.


meaning and example

what to draw

question to answer

(you may draw your answer, too)


to come to the end of something or bring to and end

Something being finished

What are three things you have been proud to have finished?


1. very good, or good enough (it first meant "finished and perfected").
2. money paid as a punishment for breaking a law or rule (parking fines or library fines). This comes from the idea that after you pay it, the problem is ended and you don't owe anything more.
There are several other meanings for this word, too - you might want to check them out!

Someone paying a fine

What are two things you did this week that were fine when you finished?


having an end; not going on forever

something finite

What are three things that you are glad are finite?


going on forever; having no end

What is something you think is infinite?
What do you think is meant by saying someone has "infinite patience?"


to determine the meaning of (or the boundaries, or ends, of).

Define any three things that are *not* words on this page.


1. Certain or positive (For example, it's *definite* that it is raining outside.)
2. Having exact limits (for example, a definite boundary where the school grounds end.)

Someone drawing a definite boundary.

What are three things you are definite about?


1. Not certain or positive (the cause of her pain is indefinite)
2. Not having exact limits (an indefinite boundary)

Someone being indefinite about something

what are two things you are not definite about?


coming at the end (the final chapter of a book, or a competition) or not allowing further changes (my final decision)

The final part of a book

Why are "final exams" called that?
Why are the "finals" in a tennis tournament called that?


The closing part of a piece of music or a show, usually done with lots of energy and flair. Sometimes called a "grand finale" if it's an especially big deal.

a grand finale

What are three specific examples of places you have seen or could see a grand finale?


to keep within limits; restrict (confine yourself to your room, confine a dog to a cage, confine your expressions of excitement to quiet clapping instead of screaming and yelling)

an animal being confined

What are three places where you will find things, people or animals being confined?


close relationship (music and poetry, sun and plants) or attraction (plants have an affinity for light; a person can have an affinity for another)

Two things (not people) with an affinity for each other

Finish these sentences:
Plants have an affinity for _____
Bees have an affinity for _____
Cats have an affinity for _____
Dolphins have an affinity for ____


so small it can't be measured or seen; often referring to a change, such as infinitesimal change in color or size

Someone trying to look at something infinitesimal

Could an infinitesimal change be a good thing? How or why?

ad infinitum

going on forever (or seeming to)

a list or a speech going on ad infinitum

What are two things that can go on ad infinitum?


the end; finish; often seen at the end of a book or movie instead of "the end"

a place where you might see "finis"

Complete these sentences with the "fin" word that fits. Be sure to mix these sentences with words learned in previous lessons.

Complete these sentences: definite indefinite final finale finish finite infinite ad infinitum

1.Pete wanted to make more changes in his paper, but I told him it was __________________________ and he should hand it in.

2. Fleas are known for their _________________________for dogs and plague viruses.

3. The doctor had to __________________________ Sid to his bed for a week to recover from his sickness.

4. When you gaze out into the sky at night, it looks like it is _______________________ -- we certainly can't see the end of it.

5. If you _______________________ these rules clearly, people will understand them better.

6. At the end of the fireworks there is often a very loud and flashy ______________________________ .

7. I know this list seems endless, but there really is only a _______________________ number of things we have to do.

8. We didn't find out about what happened to Dobby until the ___________________________________ chapter of the book, when a very slimy, nasty sock became very important.

9. I need a _____________________________ answer from you by tomorrow, so let me know as soon as you are sure you can come.

10. Your hair grows an ___________________________________ amount from one minute to the next, but after a month you notice it.

11. As the screen faded, the word "______________________" appeared on the screen, and then the credits began to roll.

12. We need to bring some money -- but the amount is ____________________________ right now. I'll let you know when we are sure.

13. I could go on _______________________with the good things about my friend Harry, but I'll stop here.


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