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TELE means FAR

This is another word part that is found in a lot of common, concrete words. "Tele" can also simply be short for "telephone" as in the words "telethon" or "telegenic."


1. Write the word

2. Write what it means

3. Draw a picture to go with it

4. Answer the question about it.


meaning and example

what to draw

question to answer

(you may draw your answer, too)


an instrument for producing sounds at a distance (or the action of using such an instrument)

two different kinds of telephones

What are two things that are a lot easier because of the telephone?


An instrument for receiving electrical waves from a distance and changing them into pictures and sounds

two different kinds of televisions

What are two things you wouldn't know about without television?


an instrument for looking at very distant objects
AND/OR: (optional) to become forced together lengthwise with one part entering the other as the result of a collision; to become compressed or condensed (like a collapsing telescope).

a telescope

Who would want to own a telescope?


a message sent over distance by coded signals, commonly used for very important messages before telephones were reliable; messages were as short as possible because each word added to the cost. Often someone would be sent to a person's house to deliver the telegram.

SOmeone delivering a telegram.

What are two messages that would be important enough for someone to send a telegram?


communication from one mind to another through "extrasensory" means -- sending thoughts or feelings directly into someone's mind from yours, or knowing what they are thinking. (Usually happens in science fiction stories.)

Someone getting a telepathic message.

What are two things you would do if telepathy were possible?


a meeting of several people who are in different, distant places by using telephones or computers

People having a teleconference

What are two reasons to have a teleconference?


A lense system that makes far-away things look closer

Where are two places where a telephoto lens would be a good thing to have?


sending information over a distance by machines. Satellites use telemetry to take information and then send it to different places; hospital systems use telemetry to send medical information to nurses' stations

Something that uses telemetry

What are two things that telemetry makes easier for people?


an instrument for measuring the distance of an object from the observer
OR an instrument to send measurements over a distance (such as from Mars to the Earth)

*Both* kinds of telemeters

What are two things you could do with a telemeter?

telephone, television, telescope, teleconference, telemeter, telemetry, telepathy, telegram, teleconference, telephoto

Complete these sentences with the "tele" word. Be sure to mix these sentences with words learned in previous lessons.

1.There will be a video _______________________________ and people from all over the world will be joining.

2. The army sent the soldier's wife a _________________________________ when he was killed in action.

3. The reporter took a picture of the actress from half a mile away with a ______________________________ camera.

television, telescope, telemeter, telepathy,

4. Some people think talking on the ________________________ while you are driving should be against the law.

5. The robot on Mars uses ________________________ to send information about the land and atmosphere to scientists on Earth.

6. When people have known each other for a long time, they can sometimes know what the other is thinking or feeling without a word spoken -- it's like __________________________.

7. We used a _______________________________ to figure out how far we were from the ground.

8. There is a huge ________________________ in New Mexico that is used to look at far distant stars.


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