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Therm is the second root featured on the Resource Room found often in scientific contexts.


1. Write the word

2. Write what it means

3. Draw a picture to go with it

4. Answer the question about it.


meaning and example

what to draw

question to answer

(you may draw your answer, too)


thing to measure temperature (amount of heat)

Two different kinds of thermometers

What do you think the "meter" part of "thermometer" might mean?


having to do with heat or conserving heat ('thermal blanket,' 'thermal underwear')

a "thermal" object

Why is 'thermal underwear' called that?


machine that keeps something at the same temperature (or 'heat level'); "stat" means 'same.'

a thermostat (there may be one on the wall where you are).

What would you have to do if you didn't have a thermostat?


heat coming from the earth (remember from the 'logy' group that geo means earth); volcanoes and hot springs are examples of geothermal heat sources.

a source of geothermal energy

Where are two places where geothermal energy can be found?


when the body's temperature goes below normal

someone with hypothermia

What are two ways a person could develop hypothermia?
What do you think "hypo" means?


when the body gets too hot (such as during heat stroke or a high fever)

someone with hyperthermia

What are two ways a person could develop hyperthermia?
What do you think "hyper" means?


change in an atom's nucleus that requires a very high temperature, such as in a hydrogen bomb or in the sun

a place where thermonuclear action is happening

What would happen if a thermonuclear bomb went off?


a container designed to keep heat in or out to keep food at a desired temperature

a Thermos

What are three different foods that would likely be kept in a Thermos?


a line on a map showing where the temperature is the same along that line

an isotherm (you might want to look in an encyclopedia)

What kind of job (-ologist) would be interested in isotherms? (See "-logy" words)


taking heat into itself (making it get colder because it's taking heat away)

Draw two test tubes with thermometers in them - one before, one after an endothermic reaction

Why is the second test tube colder than the first one?


sending heat out (getting hot to the touch) - much more familiar than endothermic reactions - and getting warmer.

Draw two test tubes with thermometers in them -- one before, one after an exothermic reaction

Why is the second test tube warmer than the first one

Complete these sentences with the "therm" word that fits. Be sure to mix these sentences with words learned in previous lessons.

1. Getting wet on a cool day and staying out side can lead to _______________________________

2. You can get a ___________________________ that will measure temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

3. I have a _________________________ full of coffee, piping hot.

4. A _____________________ blanket is designed to add a warm layer for cold weather, but not be too warm in warm weather.

5.The ________________________ showed that it was 32 degrees in Boston, Massachusetts and 30 miles north of Cleveland, Ohio.

6.A __________________________ bomb does more damage than other kinds of bombs, but is very expensive to make.

7. Spending too much time in the hot sun can cause _______________________ , which can be fatal.

8. That ________________________ reaction got very, very cold.

9. Setting off a thermonuclear bomb is an example of an ________________________ reaction because it sends out a lot of heat.

10. In Greenland, ______________________________ energy from hot springs is used to heat houses.

11. A tree farmer might want to study ___________________________

12.. That's an interesting rock! A _____________________________ could tell you what it is.

13. The _________________________ in my car broke, so it overheated.




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