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Ex is the fourth root to be featured on the Resource Room found often in scientific contexts.

Some of these words have more than one possible meaning, or different connotations used in different settings. Take the time to explore these!


1. Write the word

2. Write what it means

3. Draw a picture to go with it

4. Answer the question about it.


meaning and example

what to draw

question to answer

(you may draw your answer, too)


  • verb: to leave

  • noun: a way out

an exit ramp and a way to exit where you are

What are 10 different ways to exit from something or somewhere? Say how you're exiting, and what you're exiting from


  • to use up entirely ("exhaust our supply of pencils") or use up one's energy and become "exhausted"

  • the escape of gas or vapor (car or bus exhaust)


1. An exhausted person. Write beneath the picture how you know the person is exhausted.
2. car or bus exhaust - label the "exhaust."

What are three ways you could tell someone was exhausted?


  • to send out a message, usually in words. (I expressed my opinion when I told him I thought he had been very brave)

  • a fast and direct way to get from one place to another without stopping (the 'express bus'

1. Someone expressing him/herself
2. An express route

What are five ways to express yourself?


to burst forth suddenly and violently from internal energy ("the bottle of soda exploded")

something exploding

What are three different things that could explode?


to open out, spread out, get bigger ("he expanded his arms," "you need to expand this report from a paragraph to 3 pages" "the balloon expanded as I blew it up... then it exploded!")

something expanding


ship out to another place (such as cars from Japan to U.S.A., grain from U.S.A. to another country)

something being exported

What are three ways to export something from one country to another?


no longer existing (an animal) OR
no longer active (volcano)

An extinct volcano

What is one animal that is extinct?


hard supporting structure that is on the outside of an animal. For insects, their crunchy shell is their "exoskeleton."

an animal with exoskeleton an exoskeleton

What is one advantage that an exoskeleton has over having bones on the inside?


going outside a limit (excessive speed, excessive eating)

Someone doing something excessive

What are three things that it can be dangerous to do excessively, and why?


to ooze or send out or spread in all directions (we exude sweat when we exercise heavily, a car could exude oil, or someone could be said to "exude anger" by clenching his fist, frowning, growling, etc.)

something exuding something

How could you tell if someone were "exuding sadness?"


to close out, not let in (a window screen to exclude flies, a rule to exclude young children from a club)

A sign about excluding something

Complete these sentences with the ex - word. Be sure to mix these sentences with words learned in previous lessons.

exit exclude exuding excessive extinct express exhausted explode expand export exoskeleton

1. You had better be sure that volcano is _______________________________ before you move near it!

2. I knew the car had a problem by the way it was ___________________________ oil.

3.You will have to ______________________________ the names of the people in your report because they do not want people to know who they are.

4.We gave the food and water to the hurricane victims until our supplies were________________________.

5.How can I ________________________ how much I love the mountains?

6. I thought that having 500 pairs of shoes was a bit __________________________

7. If we have too many shirts to sell here, we can always ______________________________ them to other countries.

8. We decided to ________________________ the book from two chapters to ten.

9. There are no beetles the size of cars because the _____________________ of beetles would make their bodies too heavy to move, or would crush their insides.

10. The fire department requires _________________________________ signs in public buildings so people can find their way out.

11. The science teacher was planning to ___________________________ a test tube in the lab today, so we all wore goggles and got ready to duck.


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