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CON means WITH. "Com" and "con" represent the first of a set of common, but somewhat abstract, word parts. The words chosen are those where "com" or "con" clearly means "with," but there are many words where it's not so clear.


1. Write the word

2. Write what it means

3. Draw a picture to go with it

4. Answer the question about it.


meaning and example

what to draw

question to answer

(you may draw your answer, too)


to become joined (connect two rooms, connect two puzzle pieces, connect two ideas, "the leg bone connected to the hip bone...")

two things that are connected

What are five examples of things that should be connected?


1. public performance of music or dancing
2. to act with someone/something else (the Red Cross and the Salvation Army working in concert at a disaster scene )

a concert

What are two examples of working "in concert" with someone else -- but not making music together?


1. (verb): to lead or carry (a conductor conducting a band, a person conducting children across the street, a wire conducting electricity)
2. (noun) the way someone acts or behaves ("his conduct was calm and dignified")

something being conducted from one place to another

What are five things that could be conducted


To be or act like others around you, or to go along with rules (conform to the dress code)

Someone who is conforming, and someone who is not conforming to a group (label them)

What are three things someone might do to conform with other people?


to gather together (congregate in the church, congregate at the bus stop)

A place where people congregate

What are five reasons for people to congregate?


To study something and think about it (contemplating the reasons for someone's conduct, contemplating a work of art)

Someone contemplating something

What are three ways you could tell someone had been contemplating about something?


to make impure by adding something bad (contaminating food with germs)

something badly contaminated

What are three things that should not be contaminated?


likely to happen, but depending on certain things (rain is contingent on having clouds; graduation is contingent on passing classes)

WHat are five things that are contingent -- and what are the things that they are contingent on?


1. (concrete)To bring from one place to another (a bus that conveys people to work)
2.(abstract) To get a meaning across (conveyed her anger with a long letter, conveyed his happiness with a big grin)

an example of *each:* meaning of convey

What are five things that can be conveyed (concrete or abstract) and how are they conveyed?


to join in a secret agreement to do something, especially something wrong or unlawful (conspire to shoot a bald eagle, conspire to start a rumor)

people conspiring

What are three things someone might say if they were trying to conspire to do something?


to clog (traffic, noses)

something congested

What are two causes of congestion?


group agreement - not a 'majority vote,' where some people might be against an idea, but an idea everyone can agree to (consensus about a day to have a meeting)

A group of people who have reached a consensus about something

Why is it usually harder to reach a consensus than to just vote on something and let the majority win?


to give permission (getting parent's consent to bring a child to a movie or be seen by a doctor)

Someone giving consent

What are three things you could say that showed you were giving consent?


happening at the same period of time
a. "contemporary dress" would mean dressing like people do today
b. "a contemporary of Abraham Lincoln" would be someone who was alive at the same time as Abraham Lincoln

a scene that is not"contemporary" - and one that is.

What are 6 things that would be contemporary now, but not 100 years ago?

Other con words: concordance, concomitant, concern, conceive, concept, confine, configure, confide, congress, consignment, consequence, conserve, consecrate, contemn, convene, convenience, convoluted, convert, contretemps, contagious, misconstrue, consternation, conspicuous.

Complete these sentences with the con- word.. Be sure to mix these sentences with words learned in previous lessons.

1. Pat tried to _________________________ to the people around him so he would not look different.

2. Our group will ___________________________ at the mall, and when everyone is there we will make our plans.

3. It's important that each person is happy with the plan, so we will talk untill we reach a ______________________________ that everyone is happy with.

4.The band will open for the ________________________ in the park Friday night.

5.When he tried to ________________________ the two wires, sparks flew.

6. We might go camping, but it is _______________________ on good weather.

7. I tried to ______________________________ to him that I really wanted to stay home, but he did not get the message.

8. Harriet Tubman was said to " ________________________ " people along the Underground Railroad because she led them to freedom.

9. You have to sign this form to show you give your ___________________ for them to take you on this dangerous rafting trip.

10. A traffic accident can _________________________________ the highways for miles and miles.

11. When they saw us congregating at the mall, they were afraid we were going to _________________________ and commit some kind of crime.

12. I want some ______________________ furniture, not old antiques from the last century.

13. The oil truck turned over and people were afraid the oil would ________________________ the water.

14. Ben likes to take the time to _____________________ about things he reads to get all the meaning he can out of them.


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