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Literature-based Skill Building

Freak the Mighty, Chapter 15

The following are comprehension activities related to the novel Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick, chapter 15. NOTE: Keep reading fun! Choose some, but not all, the exercises for each chapter. It may be appropriate to just to complete a learning log, or to discuss activities and answers instead of writing things down. THese chapters are short -- sometimes you might just keep reading!

Chapter Fifteen: What Came Down The Chimney

1. Learning Log

A. Give this chapter a new title. Consider what happened and the feelings of the chapter.

B. Setting: Identify the setting of this chapter.
time ________________________________________
place _______________________________________________

C. Summarize what happens in this chapter: ______________________________________

D. Questions:

Ask a question about something that happened in this chapter, or what might happen.

2. Vocabulary Word Part: Bio

Complete the exercises for four more words in the Bio word parts exercise (click on the link to get there).

2. Main Idea

Write down a good title that each group of words would belong to. It can be one word or a phrase. Example:

Boys' Names


      good food


      natural gas


      freezing rain





      telephone directory


      apple core
      orange rind (peel)
      peach pit
      watermelon seeds

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