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Country Fair: Bradley to Springfield

A Compare and Contrast exercise

There is a bicycle path that meets Bradley Ave. just West of Country Fair Road.  I think I have figured out the "bike path route" that several experienced cyclists have told me they use because they really don't like the traffic on Country Fair.

I think I can understand how, just as I feel a sense of accomplishment when I figure out how to negotiate traffic in particular spots on my commute, other people embrace the challenge to negotiate the assorted vagaries of paths. I figured out "you gotta cut to the back yard of the Swann Center, through that gate, over that sidewalk..."   Okay, I was inventing escape scenarios and tv-series plots all the way! 

This path does *not* conflict with roadways.   As you'll see, though, there's more than automobiles to pose hazards.

There really isn't a "challenge-free" way to get from Springfield to Bradley in this neck of the woods.  Here's my exploration of the "unknown" (the path) and the "known" (the road).

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Beginning at Bradley Ave. (The path proceeds further north, to "Parkland Way." At last check, there's construction up there closing things off - but the grass is reasonably easy to navigate.)

Yes, even the sign's font makes me nostalgic for my hometown, Greenbelt (Maryland). It's a truly inviting path.



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