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Urbana Orchard Downs Bike Route

Today (12/27/2006) I picked up the camera and successfully retraced that "not really a bike path but a way to get to campus from Orchard Downs." My destination was DMV (registering that car because I'm going to drive it to Maryland Friday).

There are BIG changes planned for this area; changes that will bring more traffic. Faculty have cited the slower lifestyle and, specifically, bicycling as reasons they are drawn to C-U. Listen up, Powers that Be. You can make it *better* and more of a draw - by consciously making bicycling a viable transportation option. We can be proactive leaders here... but it takes planning.

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Beginning west bound. Entering at George Huff? (Aren't the roses cool? Yes, they're real. Yes, they should have shriveled in the cold. Ha!)



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