Windsor Road Bike Path

What follows are pictures from 2 eastbound journeys on the Windsor Road bike path, one from Windsor and FIrst street to where the path crosses Windsor (7/7/2006), and the second from its western end at Windsor and Duncan to Race Street (7/21/06). The pictures will proceed from west to east.

If you are thinking of using this path or others, perhaps this can help you know the kinds of things to watch out for on your travels.

If you believe that separate bike paths reduce conflicts between bicycles and cars, this should clue you in to the realities. It's simply more complex than that. It's not as clear-cut as "paths are bad!" but there are many truths that are counter-intuitive, and which many non-cyclists *and* cyclists aren't aware of.

Enjoy your ride!

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Beginning east bound. The bike path starts at Windsor and Duncan.


This is a pretty nice stretch. There is the occasional road, but because of the width of grass between sidewalk and street, there is ample visibility. Cars generally don't go into the bike lane waiting to enter the road.

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