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- ared & -aring: double vs. single consonant

Words like "staring" and "starring" are often confused. For some students the difference is intuitively obvious. For others, it's not. For some, the difference between "baked" and "backed" is obvious - but not so between "stared" and "started."

Start with something that the student understands -- that "cave" is a vowel-consonant-e combination -- and build on that understanding. Let the student discover and explain to you how "stared" is like "staked." One student described it with a highlighter, saying, "You have to look at stared like stare - d, and started, like star - ted." Encourage students to use highlighters to help them see the patterns in words.

The second set of words includes consonant-l-e and r-controlled syllables, so don't use it until these syllable patterns have been learned.

cave care caved cared
bake bare baked bared
shave share shaved shared
scale scare scaled scared
cube cure cubed cured 
fine fire fined fired
tile tire tiled tired
mine mire mined mired
spine spire spined spired
stake stare staked stared
dare dared
hire   hired
  require   required
  inspire   inspired
  compare   compared

moped mopped
voted potted
baked backed
stared starred
pared parted
stared started
cared carted
bared barred
cared cards
shared shards
dared darted
glared gargled
spared sparred
prepared departed
compared compartment
fire first
inspire thirsty

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