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Special Category: ER as in "very"

This is another common, basic special category. Choose appropriate words depending on what your student has already learned.

very terry berry merry
cherish perish heron cherry
sheriff peril Cherokee sterile
terrier terror terrible territory
terrace terrapin cemetery  verify
terrify stereo steroid merit
inherit heroism heresy herring
heritage herald inherent cherub
cherubic cherumbim seraph seraphic
seraphim cleric clerical numeric
generic esoteric ministerial monastery
presbytery hysterics hysteriia wisteria
asperity dexterity austerity prosperity
serrate serif serenade serendipity
seraglio managerial gerund Gerald
Geraldine periscope peregrine peregee
peritonitis periwinkle peristalsis peristyle
peripatetic aperitif keratin kerosene
temerity ambidexterity emeritus chimerical
funereal stationery Pericles pheromone



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