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Special Category: -ive (as in give)

This is a  bunch of words that end in -ive and have a short i sound (like "give.") There is some consistency to this -- words in English just don't end in V unless they're truncated words ("rev"). These are pretty straightforward; this is a good category to include early when a student's skills are still fairly basic.

give live captive active motive
native olive forgive defensive destructive
detective intensive impulsive excessive fugitive
talkative adhesive adaptive adjective relative
negative offensive supportive positive

Extensive List

abrasive abusive accumulative active adaptive additive addictive adhesive
adjective adjudicative administrative adoptive affirmative aggressive alliterative alternative
ameliorative  appreciative apprehensive argumentative assertive assimilative associative attentive
attractive  authoritative automotive captive causative coercive cogitative cognitive
cohesive  collaborative collective collusive combative combustive commemorative commiserative
communicative  commutative comparative competitive comprehensive compressive compulsive conceptive
concessive  conciliative conclusive concussive conductive conducive congestive conjunctive
connective  connotative consecrative consecutive conservative constitutive constrictive constructive
consultative  consummative consumptive contaminative contemplative contortive contraceptive contrastive
contributive  convective convulsive cooperative deceptive decisive declarative decongestive
decorative  deductive defective defensive definitive deflective degenerative deliberative
delusive  demonstrative denotative depletive depreciative depressive derisive derivative
derogative  descriptive desiccative designative destructive detective deteriorative determinative
detonative  detractive devastative diffusive digestive digressive dilative diminutive
directive   discriminative discursive disincentive disjunctive dismissive dispersive disruptive
dissociative  dissuasive distributive divisive dominative donative duplicative educative
effective effusive elaborative elective eliminative elucidative elusive emotive
emulsive  emulative enumerative erosive eruptive estimative evacuative evaluative
evaporative  evasive evocative exaggeration exceptive excessive exclusive excursive
execrative  executive exhaustive exhilarative exonerative expansive expensive explanative
expletive  exploitative explosive expressive expulsive extensive extortive extrapolative
facilitative  facultative federative festive fictive figurative fixative forgive
formative  fugitive furtive generative gesticulative give granulative gravitative
hallucinative  hortative hyperactive hypertensive hypersensitive illuminative illusive illustrative
imaginative  imitative impassive impactive imperceptive imperative implicative implosive
impressive  impulsive imputative inactive inappreciative inattentive incentive inceptive
incisive  inclusive incohesive inconclusive inconsecutive incubative indecisive indicative
inductive  indurative ineffective inexpensive inexpressive infective infiltrative inflective
inflictive informative ingestive inhibitive initiative injunctive innovative inoculative
inoffensive  inoperative inquisitive inscriptive insensitive insinuative instigative instinctive
instructive  integrative intellective intensive interactive interpretive interrogative interruptive
intransitive  introspective introversive intrusive intuitive invective inventive investigative
irradiative  iterative laxative legislative live locomotive lubricative lucrative
manipulative  massive meditative meliorative misrepresentative missive mitigative motivative
motive  mutative narrative native negative nominative nonabrasive nonaddictive
nonadhesive  nonnative nonproductive nonresponsive normative nutritive objective obsessive
obstructive  obtrusive occlusive offensive olive operative opinionative oppressive
originative  outlive overactive overprotective oxidative palliative participative partitive
passive  pejorative penetrative pensive perceptive percussive permeative permissive
persecutive  personative perspective persuasive pervasive perversive photoconductive photosensitive
plaintive  positive possessive postoperative precipitative preclusive precognitive predictive
preemptive  prelusive preparative prerogative prescriptive preservative presumptive preventative
preventive  primitive probative procreative productive prognosticative progressive prohibitive
projective  proliferative promotive propagative propulsive proscriptive prospective protective
protractive  protrusive provocative punitive purgative proposive putative putrefactive
qualitative   quantitative radiative radioactive ratiocinative reactive receptive recessive
reciprocative  reclusive reconstructive recriminative recuperative redemptive redistributive reductive
reflective  reflexive reformative refractive regenerative regressive regulative rehabilitative
reiterative  rejective relative relive remonstrative remunerative repetitive reprehensive
representative  repressive reprobative reproductive repulsive respective responsive restive
restorative restrictive resuscitative retaliative retentive retributive retroactive retrospective
revulsive  rotative ruminative reclusive seclusive secretive sedative seductive
segregative  selective sensitive separative significative simulative speculative sportive
stimulative  subjective subjunctive submissive subordinative substantiative substantive subversive
successive  suffocative suffusive suggestive superlative supersensitive supportive suppressive
suppurative  suspensive talkative tentative terminative titillative tolerative tractive
transgressive  transitive translative transmissive ulcerative ultraconservative unattractive unobtrusive
vegetative  vindictive violative vituperative vocative votive    


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