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Guided Viewing: Glory

Video Guide - Glory

Answer these questions as you watch the video "Glory." The movie should be paused to give you time to write the answers.

1. What will the Confederates do to any Negro soldiers, or to anyone directing those soldiers?

2. What is a "full discharge?

3. How many men take a full discharge?

4. Why are the rifles such a big deal?

5. What are the rumors going 'round the camp?

6. When his troops play around with the guns, what does the colonel think about?

7. Why does he try to scare the man who is such a good shot?

8. What does the colonel get offered at the party?

9. What does he ask for?

10. Why don't the men get shoes?

11. What do you think the soldier being flogged is thinking?

12. Why was the soldier "deserting?"

13. How do the men react to their cut in pay?

14. How does the colonel react?

15. What kind of "action" do they see in Georgia?

16. Why does the colonel go along with it?

17. How does the colonel finally get the men into battle?

18. What does the 54th regiment volunteer to do?

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