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Doubling Rule: Introduction



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The Doubling Rule - Practice

This is done best with a "landscape" view (paper turned sideways), because it's wider than it is long. It can also be done on two facing pages in a binder, so the student can see both pages at once.

Remember, there are several ways the short vowel can be 'protected' from the danger of becoming long:

The student should be able to identify which of the above situations is happening. Lots of practice is a very good idea with this one, as well as practice reading columns of v/cv next to vc/cv words so that students associate the vcv pattern with the long vowel sound.

I strongly suggest making a template for this that's easy to read and navigate (instead of printing this). Too often we underestimate "little inconveniences" that are real barriers to learning.

WORD base word suffix Double (yes or no)? Why or why not?
skinny skin y    
  kid er    
  sink ing    
  add ed    
  bid able    
WORD base word suffix Double (yes or no)? Why or why not?
  fog y    
  meek er    
  flop ed    
  nab ed    
  just ify    
  up ity    
  sad ly    
  sad en    

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