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"Soft" G -- when g represents the "j" sound.

In front of an e, i, or y, g usually represents the "j" sound ("gentle"), and sometimes the "zh" sound (second g in "garage"). Exceptions are more common than the similar pattern with the letter c As with c, letting the students discover this pattern by examining lists of words with g that follow this pattern, grouped by the letter after the g, and having the student figure out the pattern.


Here are some typical words following this pattern. There are many more!

agent budget angel danger emergency
germ gel legend ingest gem
generate gentle urgent age cage
engage wage huge bridge dodge
nudge fledge cartridge knowledge grudge
ridge bilge cringe plunge dislodge
challenge fringe sledge orange smudge
singe forge hinge discharge emerge
enlarge urge gorge large
agile allergic apologize contagious digit
gist digitize eligible giraffe engine
engineer fragile ginseng fugitive fungi
giant margin gigantic imagination gingerly
legion legislature logic hygiene illegible
original plagiarize religion strategic longitude
vigilant vigilante surgical tragic region
-ologist biologist cardiologist cosmetologist ecologist
entomologist etymologist geologist musicologist ophthalmologist
ornithologist psychologist zoologist
-ological archeological astrological biological chronological
etiological geological ideological meteorological mythological
neurological pathological physiological psychological technological
allergy clergy  gyp edgy elegy
energy  gym gyroscope lethargy gymnastic
sludgy metallurgy panegyrical liturgy prodigy
trilogy Egypt Gypsy stingy  synergy 
analogy   anthology ideology apology biology
climatology  doxology ecology etiology geology
meteorology  mythology paleontology parapsychology ichthyology
pharmacology  phonology seismology physiology tautology
volcanology  zoology theology



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