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Multisyllable Word List: List One (from Catherine Called Birdy)

These multisyllable words using all the syllable types and some "special categories" come from Catherine Called Birdy by Karen Cushman.

September miserable abominable accomplish
conspire clodpole disposition corpus
plague sheepish embroider villager
childish  boredom docile household
privy mattress forgotten scolding
slapping Morwenna Perkin Edward
childish regarding warhorse questions
exactly  conversation service bargain
foolish  stable cottage tumble
ploughing  spindle complaint thumbprint
minstrel  grumble impudence barren
objections  significance disposition noble
relations  advantage distant ancestors
privilege  vespers fashionably gooseberry
hatchet ugliness velvet granny
rooster  Aislidd conceal cipher
stomach  determine warehouse Yarmouth
herring gaping wiggle betrothal
imprison  gossip uncle honorable
experience  chamber cabbage strengthen

ed /ed/ -- a special case. These words aren't actions, they're adjectives, describing something. Think about what "ragged" means as a past tense of "rag" or what "rugged" would mean (what would "to rug" be?). The meanings are closely related, but it's as if the "verb" part happened so thoroughly that it changed the very character of the thing being described.

ragged rugged learned blessed
beloved dogged alleged supposed



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