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Syllable division, between two vowels

This is the most difficult syllable pattern, since usually when two vowels are together, they are in the same syllable. More difficult are those vowel pairs that often *do* go together, such as "ei" in "reinforce." A special category of "i-a" words is worth the practice, as so many students make errors such as "trail" for "trial."

Some of the reasons/patterns for a word splitting between vowels:

  • prefixes that end in vowels such as re- and pre- and di-

  • Roots like the Greek "bio"

  • changing a y to an i and adding a suffix such as -er or -est (happiest, furious, funnier)

  • any open syllable followed by a syllable that starts with a vowel

  • endings like -ia in Australia, Liberia, wisteria, hysteria

  • Hawai'ian words

Choose words which use only syllable patterns or categories which the student has mastered.

dial dialog fluid hideous
trial diagram ruin piteous
denial diaphanous druid vitreous
dialect diabolic altruism spontaneous
diet diabetic genuine contemporaneous
quiet diadem intuition meow
triumph diagonal intuitive myopia
client dialectic poem dryad
pliable dialysis poetry cryogenics
reliable diary coerce dual
science diatom realize duality
 scientist   reality  gradual 
 reliance area  evaluate
reliant diatomic beatific graduate
defiance diatonic create
defiant diatribe creativity  casual
 supplier    theater truant  
      rearrange  manual
compliance  biography* cereal California
appliance biology preamble Bolivia
violin  biotic reassign Columbia
violent  bionic deactivate encyclopedia
violence biomass apnea Scandinavia
violet  biodegradable suet Australia
miasma  piety congruent Austria
 pioneer sobriety fluent Monrovia
 altruism  anxiety    
malaria gardenia reimburse  
gardenia chaos immediate  
Canadian  alleviate espionage  
Tasmanian  obviate lugubrious  
Siberian  appreciate deity  
librarian  depreciate  
conspicuous  amiable  
ambiguous  menial  
continuous  Vienna    
virtuous  creosote    

*of course, you should mention here that "bio" means "life"



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