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Special Category: other "ea" sounds

The short e sound spelled "ea" shows up in many frequently used words. Often these are forms of a verb which still keeps the long ebreak breaker great steak yea bear bugbear forebear pear wear swear tear .

You will want to choose words from this list to read and spell; some of these words include "special category" syllables such as -ous; others (such as sergeant and ocean) have even more unusual patterns.

EA Words  with less common sounds
long a sound -eau words - long o eau -- long u
break beau beauty
breaker beaux beautiful
great flambeau beautify
steak bureau beauteous
yea bureaucrat beautician
-ear- chapeau
bear chateau
bugbear plateau
forbear trousseau
swear Rousseau
pear tableau
tear(to rip, not 'teardrop')



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