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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Happy day, this site has been updated and has *lots* of really good outlines and downloads.

The article "Watering up the Curriculum for Adolescents with Learning Disabilities" is, IMHO, one of the best explanations that, why and how curriculum can and should be made more accessible to diverse learners without reducing it to the likes of word searches and one-time-through painful regurgitation or copying rituals that leave a student with little or no foundation knowledge except that school is stupid. If you're forced to Get Students Through a curriculum. but it bugs you taht you know they won't carry it over, please, pick something you would like to make sure they remember for the rest of their lives (I remember making darned sure my kiddos knew enough about the Revolutionary War so they didn't think it was when slavery ended - when I asked 'em "what do we celebrate on the Fourth of July?" they could all say "our freedom!" but... that was about it. Freedom from what? Um.. Slavery?)


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