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Multisyllable words with a, i, o and u closed syllables

Application of closed syllables - reading and spelling

Dictate several of these words to the student. Most students will be doing this more easily and quickly, so dictating 7-8 words instead of 3-4 will only take 4-5 minutes. The student should have a chart looking something like this (but with more rows)

1st syllable second syllable third syllable whole word
up lift uplift

The student should repeat the word, then say the first syllable and spell it as s/he writes it, say the second syllable and spell it as s/he writes it, then write the whole word -- but still spelling it one syllable at a time. Then the student should read back the word, making sure no letters were dropped.

The next day, the student can read the words dictated the day before. At any time, the student can read words from these charts, which go into the notebook. After a bunch of them are in there, the student can 'weed' out all but one -- but by that time these words will be very easy.

Some of these are HARD -- lots of sounds to hear and sort.  It might be a good idea to start with the ones with fewer consonants. Also, look at the earlier lists and mix those words in, too.

campus cuspid updraft fulcrum
mustang bigwig disrupt uplift
cutback*** brushland instruct insult
nuthatch*** brandish induct sultan
abduct disrupt consult  
sunlamp unzip Istanbul
adjunct influx subsist
adjust drumlin disgust
bashful pumpkin submit
bankrupt mistrust pulpit
album rustic culprit
adult (be sure to pronounce ad-ult, not "u" dult) distrust obstruct

***only if the ck/k and tch/ch rules have been learned.



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