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Closed Syllables - short i and review

The vocabulary enrichment is good challenging practice -- but is enrichment.  The c/g practice and the integration -- they're important to practice and master.

Remember to give each practice the full multisensory treatment!

c/g practice vocab. enrichment a/i mix
 cip writ  chisp
cil  brim  frag
 cinct shtick ad
cig  kilt in
cid  wilt ist
cift  spilt strad
cism  chrism sist
cin  flit inct
cist  script hap
gic  brink link
gid  vim grat
gist  glitch ism
gil  strict twim
  nix imp
   glib sprat
   shrift chris
   rift ast
   squid ax
   miff quib
   brig squill
   grid anch
   grist shat
   brisk asm
   twinge ang
   cringe imp


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