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"Soft" C -- when c represents the "s" sound.

In front of an e, i, or y, C almost always represents the "s" sound (as in "sister"). Exceptions are very rare, though one or two of them are familiar words.
Letting the students discover this pattern by generating lists of words with "c" and grouping them by the letter after it, and then looking for patterns in the sounds represented by the letter c, can help the student internalize this pattern.
Many of the -ce-, -ci-, and -cy- words are advanced, though, which may account for the difficulty many students have in applying this pattern to their reading. Practice this pattern often and thoroughly.

Here are some typical words following this pattern. There are many more!

excel accept concept ace advance
adjacent cancel balance biceps brace
cellar cemetery cement center celebrate
census except conceal certain face 
dance  decent difference chance  convince
notice distance finance grace  innocence
embrace grocery ice instance intercept
introduce  juice justice precept  license
pace mice peace once  ocean
princess  procedure price quince since
prudence  silence  slice recent recess
sentence reference science residence service
rhinoceros  romance solstice resistance presence
space  twice splice spruce trace
succeed  success surface tolerance vice 
trance  trice triceps truce voice
accident  acid calcium Pacific  cinch
cinder  cinnamon city circuit circulate
circumference  circus council  civil concise
rancid  science decision excite exercise
icicle pencil stencil lucid merciful
scissors  recite precise racing racism
San Francisco Cindy  specific vaccinate Cincinnati
absorbency  advocacy agency bicycle cycle
cyclic  cyclist cyclone decency democracy
fancy  icy juicy lacy mercy
policy  privacy recycle spicy tricycle
vacancy  Nancy Tracy Lucy


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