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Words with AW saying "awwww..."

Teach this by discovery, after the OY/OI and OW/OU combination. This sound is harder to discern, there are more exceptions, and more possible confusions, and the words aren't as common. For some students, learning the most common examples of this pattern and then adding other words as needed will be less frustrating than trying to learn a lot of these words and the "exceptions to the exceptions."

This is a comprehensive reference list, in alphabetical order.

AW words (that say awww....)

These are in alphabetical order.

awe awesome awestruck awful
awkward awl awning bawdy
bawl brawl brawn bucksaw
bylaw caw claw coleslaw
crawdad crawfish dawn dawdle
draw drawer* drawl drawn
fawn flaw flawless foresaw
forepaw gawk gawky gawkish
gewgaws gnaw goshawk guffaw
hacksaw haw hawk hawsers
hawthorn in-law jackstraw jaw
jawbone jigsaw law lawful
lawless lawman lawmaker lawn
lawsuit lawyer* lockjaw macaw
mackinaw maw mawkish nighthawk
night crawler outlaw overdraw paw
pawl pawn pawnshop prawn
quartersaw raw rawhide rickshaw
ripsaw saw sawdust sawhorse
sawmill sawyer* scrawl scrawn
scrawny seesaw shawl slaw
southpaw spawn sprawl squawk
squaw straw taw tawdry
tawny thaw tomahawk trawl
whipsaw withdraw withdrawal withdrawn
yaw yawl yawn Lawrence
Malawi Pawnee Warsaw



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