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Basic consonant-l-e words - early practice

Remember to divide before the consonant-l-e syllable -- if the syllable ends in a vowel, it's "open" and has a long sound, and if it ends in a consonant it's "closed" and has a short sound.

Before you use this "practice" page, practice the words in separate decks of short and long vowels. The student may also need more practice and drill with open and closed syllables. Puzzles putting together words with consonant-l-e are also a good idea. After you've practiced this page one column at a time, try reading them across the rows.  Always preface by recalling what the difference between the two columns is.  Ask probing questions about dividing the words into syllables - it's an excellent opportunity to apply the knowledge about open and closed syllables, especially good for the kids who learned to read the syllables but didn't necessarily understand that "ap" is going to sound like "ap" in nap and snap, and also in apple and apply and apprehend.

This page offers practice switching letters that sometimes get confused.  It does include r-controlled syllables; omit these if the pattern has not been learned.

There are hundreds of "able" and "ible" words for all those wonderful things that are doable.  You might want to practice those separately, as well, since they all end in an "ubble" or "ibble" sound, but the emphasis is on the syllable *before* the 'able' part.

jiggle Bible
cattle fable
hassle gable
bubble stable
bobble rifle
babble stifle
scrabble able
paddle bugle
candle bridle
gentle idle
purple staple
gurgle maple
gargle noble
startle poodle*
kindle noodle*
swindle beagle*
bundle eagle*
single steeple*

*These are 'bonus' words (because they've got vowel digraphs in them, which don't come along for a while). They can be deleted or included as 'sight words,' a preview of things to come, especially if they are already in the student's 'sight word' lexicon.



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