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Multisyllable Practice List 6

This list includes all the syllable types & a fair number of exceptions. (It's a "medium" list.) If you miss an irregular word, make a list of words like that and learn them -- sometimes there's a simple reason for that exception, such as "Chevrolet" being of French origin, where et in that position is supposed to sound like long a. Other patterns include putting a suffix that begins with a consonant after a silent-e word, such as securely or hopeless, which need to be broken down that way instead of letting the silent e be part of another syllable.

The vocabulary of this list is fairly concrete & common; the decoding skills are actually fairly demanding.

emerald securely dutifully confidence
conference demanded restrained loophole
strawberry commented tangent boundary
massive beaconlike soybeans sugarcane
unloading lumbermen sharecropper organize
boycott uncover bewilderment faltering
several illuminated necessary testimony
selection registration mercantile rescinded
disobey miracle thunderous doubtfully
deepening announcement crossroad admitted
acknowledgement tacit timetable decision
proposal mysterious glower* hostility
gloomily responded veranda sauntering
dispossessed rebuilding uncommon townspeople
elderly concrete sizable administer
production additional responsibility popular
taunting  disapproval justified corridor
irritably  frantically nervousness murmured
urgency  etching proceeding sympathetic
intention  thoughtful intruders Havershack
uncorrected myopic nearsightedness distinguish
experiment  uncertain rebellion squinted
suspiciously  approximate crisply suddenly
objected  repercussion threatened glowering

*hint: rhymes with flower (you might write "flower" beneath it without saying anything to reinforce the sound/symbol association)


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