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Multisyllable practice list 4

This list of multisyllable words using all the syllable types and some "special categories," continues to focus on dividing after a vowel vs. dividing between consonants. Some of the words are only one syllable; it may be wise to make a separate list of words ending in -ed that sounds like /t/ as in stopped, or /d/ as in dimmed.

convention calculate occupy complicate
commonplace dismiss innocent indicate
moment final tugging stopped
deduce robbery reminded robbed
transport stunning concentrate slapped
suffocate cascade physical sagged
difference fluttering physics perhaps
different mistake harness hostile
murmur notation energy stirred
murmured focus subscribe cluttered
germination believe discard muttered
perspiration accomplish information sputtered
demanded jutted success mattered
persisted intend romance spattered
obvious indent circumstance clattered
attention cluster abduction shattered


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