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Multisyllable Practice List Five - ared vs. arred and -ation words

This list of words should be read in columns. Be sure to have the student talk about the differences between stared and starred, the similarites between those words in the last column, etc. Having the student think and talk about pattterns is an important part of making sure the student sees the 'big picture,' beyond an isolated pattern.

If there is still confusion over when ar sounds like "ar" and when it sounds like "air," then practice the patterns separately.

stared pared Mason probation
starred parted masking isolation
started quake student relocation
cared quack sluggish hibernation
carted quick potent presentation
bared quitter potted occupation
barred quieter locate accusation
shared quite locker duration
sharks bitter nation temptation
scared biter action carnation
scarred mopped relation formation
scarf moped action information
dared cutter inflation education
darted cuter infraction vacation
glared rabbit subtraction vocation
prepare raging* donation location

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