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Multisyllable Practice List 7

This list includes all the syllable types & a fair number of exceptions. The decoding skills and the vocabulary are both demanding, so this list is definitely not for most students until they've really got a handle on decoding and are looking for a real challenge. Unlike list 6, the student is less likely to recognize when they've got the word down because list six has words like "doubtfully" - and this list has "epaulette" and "porcine."

If you miss an irregular word, make a list of words like that and learn them.

grimace hostility generosity alter
assignment consequential exacting correction
rigorous forbidding imperative intonation
superbly bona fide indignity espionage
possibly gesture speculative unflagging
scandalous involuntary faltering incidentally
detour unobtrusive inevitably intimidate
violent expressionless courtesy manifestation
incautious unprintable reinforce concomitant
jabber scythe-like admirably neutralize
unresponsive epaulette admonitions powerless
nonentity devoid constructive animosity
punctual malevolent solidity inexorable
punctilious inflection colonel acknowledge
officious minutely inventory handiwork
porcine elapse abomination revulsion
instinctive bluster succumb obsessive
indignation dispassionate barbarities subtle
equivalent dissociate pervading piety
audacity glacial nominal spectacular


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