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Multisyllable Practice List 8

This list includes all the syllable types & a fair number of exceptions. Both the decoding skills and the vocabluary are fairly challenging -- it's an "advanced" level list.

forsworn malicious authority ignominy
solemnity cleric alien possessions
fastidious indignation vagrant compromise
demur unwavering infinitely arduous
fealty bewilderment methodical opportunity
dwindle deliverance recesses diaphanous
abandonment lissome hindrance assiduously
humiliation impassive incursion furtive
impetuous invisible profitable ferocious
perilous protestations stalwart resolution
resultant eventual recruitment intruding
prevailing emphatic discarding diminish
horizon reparation inexplicable comparative
formidably particular meager resignedly
surveillance nominal benevolent evacuated
uncomprehending consequence interlopers maneuvers
betrayal benefit fettered accomplish
mercenaries turbulent guarantee quicksilver
defection necessity intolerant momentary
obduracy dubiously arrogant appreciative
bountiful trenchcoat annotated treatise
sprightly repressed cypress sinister
vigorous apologetic chicory envelope
brochure identity incriminating animated


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