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Special Category: ch pronounced /k/

This is a common category -- teach it early and well. Those well-educated, science-minded Greeks liked to use ch as k, so the harder the word is, the more a /ch/ in it is to be pronounced "k." Common words are listed first. Ask your student why the e makes the a long, even though there are two consonants (they only make one sound, though). Whenever "CH" is part of a blend -- chr or chl -- it has the K sound (except Yiddish derivatives like schlepp and schmaltz...)

Many 'ch' words are advanced - don't include syllable patterns or categories that the student hasn't learned yet unless they're in the same word; if "psychology" has come up in reading, decide whether to start with the silent p or the ch as k.


school scholar epoch
Christmas chlorine monarch
scholastic orchid monarchy
stomach character oligarchy
ache characteristic chlorophyll
chord charisma mitochondria
chorus schedule chelate
chemist scheme ochre (or ocher)
chemistry anchor schizophrenic
chrome schooner inchoate
echo chaos ochlocracy
chronic chasm chrysanthemum
architect schism synchronize
archeology(or archaeology) archangel ichthyology
mechanic  chameleon Anchorage
conch archaic Schenectady

and all the psych- words, too...


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