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Open Syllable practice

This is a good "mixed practice" deck. Remember to give each practice the full multisensory treatment!

It may be advisable to learn that a at the beginning of a word quite often has the schwa sound, as in away, again, and other good sight words to learn. You may want to make a "special category" list of these.

a do*** be    
e tru hy    
i ho sky    
o cre try    
u su spry    
ba si cy    
ma du** ny    
ta so quo    
pre mi      
re tri      
cu* po      
pro qui      

* Practice this one well.  Many students spell this "q" or "qu," for obvious reasons.
** Note that this often turns into "ju" -- as in "joo eat?" for "did you eat?"... words like "educate"
*** note that when this is in a word such as "donate" or "dodo," it doesn't sound the same as it does by itself. Likewise with "to."  This is news to many students, who attempt to decode the "do" syllable as if it were the word.


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