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Times Tables Videos, Powerpoints and quizzes, in process. 

12/30/19 update:

I'm learning this stuff. It's lots easier than back in 1977 :)   Links to quizzes are down in the outline...   Next step (while I'm also learning four other potentially useful things, including incorporating JavaScript into Geogebra) is to make them end properly so you know "go to the next one."   Eventually there will be scoring and hopefully a variety of practice; Yes, this might change while you're visiting!   

I'm @geonz on twitter and I'm there a lot with the #mtbos (Math Twitter Blog-O-Sphere); I'm on some math and special education groups on Facebook.   I update with boring regularity (especially if frustrated) on my WordPress blog

My "day job" is supporting students at Parkland College, especially with pre-college-level ("developmental") courses, especially math. My "project idea" is described on the Rebus Community site.   


  Yes, these are all open source.   So -- feel free to copy, use, revise anything -- that's why I'm putting it out there in this rough form.   You could probably do great things with it!   Or... we could get a grant and collaborate!   Right, Power in Numbers

Here are pages for each times table:










Sevens and Eights

And here's my rough interactive multiplication showing icons representing the facts:  

My attempt to put all the quizzes on one page 

My attempt to make quizzes with images of the times tables.

  1. Introduction to the Mary Ellen Carter Academy Times Tables Course video 

  2. Zeroes video

    • Quiz
    • Future:   0 divided by... dividing by 0
  3. Ones video
    • Powerpoint
    • Quiz think I fixed it :-)   
    • Future:   Dividing by 1 and
    • Future: Dividing to get an answer of 1
  4. Tens Times Tables
    1.  Tens as groups video (you get it? video before powerpoint... I will explore making the PPTS into HTML so that the user clicks to keep going and ... it's interactive... over the holidays ;)   
    2. On the number line
    3. On the Number Chart
    4. Adding a Zero
    5. Quiz
    6. Future:   Dividing by ten / Finding 10 percent  
  5. Twos Times Tables  ** these powerpoints don't match exactly... ** 
    1. Twos as Groups
    2. Counting by Twos
    3. Practicing the twos:   first half
    4. Practicing the twos:  second half
    5. Divisbility by Two
    6. Division By Twos 
      • Powerpoint
    7. Quiz
  6. Fives Times Table
    1. Possible Future:   reducing fractions 
    2. Future:   multiplying 5 by an even number
  7. Fours Times Tables:
    1. Introduction:  "Double Double"
    2. How to double a number
    3. The bigger fours times tables (and doubling)
    4. Quiz
  8. Nines Times Tables (and divisibility)
  9. Threes times tables (and divisibility)
  10. Six times tables (and divisibility)
  11. Sevens and Eights (and you're DONE!!)

Future Future:   Quizzes and games along the way ;)  No really they're there now :) :)  There will be more better ones... I have lots of ideas and only some of them require a mess of new learning on my part (I'll make some that start iwth a few at a time and then explore making them so you pick the ones to practice)...   but you can practice at lots of places online -- my favorite is at  MathIsFun.Com   

Geogebra explorations 


  • Plop the Points!  

    • I know I've got a version with my avatar floating on the water ... somewhere... 
  • I'll put stuff here as I do it.   
  • We'll see how this whole idea of doing stuff on my website works.   

HTML  explorations 

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