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  Springfield to Bradley 8
Hi, David and Cindy!

Notice how much room there is (no, I didn't use any special lens effects). Yes, it's that way
on both sides. There's even that visible demarcation.  However, it gets a little narrower
just past the next business entrance - but that line moves out, too, and the cars usually
do, too.

 David and Cindy have been married for 20+ years.  Neither of them drive; she is blind.
They live in those apartments and travel just about everywhere on that tandem (David
also has a bike).

These fine folks travel all over Champaign-Urbana to get to work (Staples) and for
doctor visits.  David pulled over to chat, and  said they might not be at the Tuesday
club bike ride because he fell on the bike and hurt his leg a bit (it's wrapped up
in an ace bandage on the calf).  He fell another time going to Staples
(and if you've ever been there, you know how much fun cycling is north of I-74
in the shopping mall areas - you won't find this rider doing it voluntarily),
and has had surgery on his shoulder for it, but it still gives him problems.

I have to wonder if those falls would have happened if the roadways were safer for
cyclists.  David is a very careful driver - his stoker  and his job are extremely precious
 and important to him.
Okay, I'm waxing full-fledged bleeding-heart here - but they're just two of the many real live
humans who deserve safer routes for their transportation.

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