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Monday, January 25, 2010

Camtasia Grrr....!

So, before I go ask 'em to upgrade my Camtasia, I want to show that I'm using it.
Of course, none of the support online has anything useful.
I make a lovely recording... save it... produce it as an .avi file.
Well, that won't pull up on any other computer but this one.
Okay, I'll take that same project and try another format.
First have to go find it... on the Jump Drive...
So I drag it onto the time line and it seems to want to go on there infinite times. Do What Now? I just want one. Why on earth?

... Okay, so I cut out the extra ones (there were three) and have it as a wonderful Flash file that even works on other 'puters.

Can I get Contribute to upload it for me? No. I am allowed to browse for files on my computer, but if I actually select one... it ignores it. No, you really can't do that, even though it's an option on the menu.


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